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Scorekeepers Needed!!

The Chicago HNA division is always in need of scorekeepers for all seasons, as at some point we always seem to come up short.  This shortage can be averted if players realize how easy scoring a game can be and the money that can be saved towards future seasons.

Advantages to scoring games:

Earning credits in this league is very easy for those who want to put the minimum amount of time in. For each game, scorers are only required to show up 10 minutes before the ice time and can leave immediately after the game. Last season, the AVERAGE earnings for a scorer was over $350 towards their HNA account. If a scorer does one game a week for the entire season, they would have no trouble achieving this amount.

Scorekeeping seems to be one of the better kept secrets in HNA, for some unknown reason. Bottom line: It is an incredibly easy way to play your future HNA seasons for FREE!!

For those interested in becoming a HNA scorekeeper, please call

Mark Nemec at (630) 989-1210 or

E-mail him at